One Of Those ‘It Sounds Like A Good Idea’ Moments (Until You Try It!)

Trust us, Wolfkomoki1, this is an idea best not pursued – no matter what Fuzzyslipers45 may claim!

the do nothing challenge

There are certain things Sims 3 is not very good at, and Simmies on maximum free will is one of those – unless you really do want starving kids and dirty toilets because your Simmies are too busying playing with the sprinkler, playing with magic or – in an unexpected piece of uncanny realism – being glued to the internet via their mobile phones all day long.

ehwhat mare's nest version  whistling mares nest version

the do nothing challenge 1

However, it does seem that resident masochists MoonandStars83 (no, not Moonandsixpens!) and Yoshi_Dragur2012 look set to try it once one or two questions are ironed out.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

scared  shakehead

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