Say Farewell To The Salat Days, Aminah

We really don’t know whether this Simmer is to be pitied or scolded – and we might have known that it would be Mod The Sims which hosted this:

Say Farewell To The Salat Days, Aminah

For plumbob’s sake, do we really need religious crap in Sims 3 – or any variety of the Sims at all? Having the outward trappings is fine – crosses, candlesticks, etc. But when it comes to actually making your Simmies worship, that’s something the game can well do without.

Ironically, Aminah doesn’t even seem to be aware of how much a paradox his concept of a ‘Muslim Simmie’ is – at least according to the Islam Q&A website – the most popular website for anything to do with Islam, as it is a depressingly barking mad ultra-orthodox site of the ‘Thou Shall Not Do Anything That Constitutes Having A Good Time.’

Say Farewell To The Salat Days, Aminah 1

‘We do not know, by Allah, how any Muslim could accept to allow his daughter or wife or even his son [emphasis ours] to play this evil game. This is natural in the life of Western families, who has [sic!] deviated from all decent behaviour and noble characteristics…’

shakehead  shakehead

Of course, this is another fine example of some shower of bumnuggets twisting a religion into being nothing more than their own pet prejudices and having little to do with the source material (see also the Westboro Baptist Church), but maybe there’s something to be said for not having any such examples of worship of actual religions in Sims games in the first place.

After all, the Sims are all about people from all types of backgrounds getting along with one another, something we’ll bet upsets religious nuts the world over more than anything else.

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