Are They Having A Temazi Party On NRaas Industries Tonight?

Okay, this was just plain weird.

what on earth was playfulalice on about


yewot  scratchhead

Right – this is the same My Sims 3 Blog which has been abandoned since New Year’s Eve 2014 (one month earlier that this in its Dumblr version)?

By the way, it wasn’t down. Time to clean out your internet caches.

Meh! Who cares anyway about an inferior Sims 3 Update for the Sims world’s social justice warriors, sexual deviants and other dipshits obsessed with their special snowflakeness. e.g. Anyone else remember the way absolutely anything Aikea Guinea released was subject to gushing praise no matter how many pieces of adult clothing were misassigned to teens as well because she was too lazy to make a separate mesh? Or the business where TheNinthWave had his fanny nailed to the wall for the crime of making a better Tardis than her?

But we digress.

BenMc50 chipped in next with some further signs that some people need to take a lot of coffee quick.

what on earth was playfulalice on about 1

Okay BenMc50, you have been in the Simming community since at least 2012…

what on earth was playfulalice on about 2

… and you’ve never heard of My Sims 3 Blog… when you’re a member of Mod The Sims which treated the f**kers like it was the holy Bible of custom content?

Seriously? How could you possibly get what PlayfulAlice was talking about mixed up?

what on earth was playfulalice on about 3

J4Ks and Brappl’s equally confused responses has us convinced that Igazor’s been passing round the eggs again on a Friday night.

Would never had happened back in Twallan’s day, oh no. Two mature cheeses on top of the Kraft Dinner was as risque as it once got down NRaas way – we might have known they’d fall to decadence one day.

manul says wtf


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