PicklesTheCat114 Is Fed Up

PicklesTheCat114 Is Fed Up

The bottom line is a sense of foreboding, of trouble on the EA forum from trolls leading to the usual inaction by the Simgurus, who will as ever stamp all over everything innocent and fun by comparison.

Nothing new – Darkslayer and Pollysim complained about this back in 2010, here we are in 2015 and their attitude remains the same.

MDancer9112 offered sympathy, having been there before with the Simgurus.

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As usual, there had to be one bumnugget doing the old ‘it could be worse’ gambit, forgetting that the EA forum has paid staff who are supposed to be looking after it, and are doing a worse job deterring trolls than amateur forums such as Mod The Sims manned by volunteers.

PicklesTheCat114 Is Fed Up 2

So what if it is worse elsewhere? That doesn’t mean we should have to put up with it here!

And if there was ever a sign of how easily trolls and drama whores can get back on…

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This is Brookesaywhatx’s new account (SunshineAndSimoleons didn’t last long, did it?), she who got herself into all manner of bother two months back.

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What do you want Picklesthecat114 to do, Simguru Drake? Draw you a sodding diagram?

As Ponder_The_Sim put it:

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One only has to look at SkyscraperFan going through all the same old trolling routines he did on the EA forum before and at Kreatious to see what people mean about trolls being allowed to return to disrupt.

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You lot won’t solve it? Then Simmers will vote with their feet to all the forums which do.

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