Sims Gone Wrong Going VERY Wrong

One of the more fun Simming sites on Dumblr is Sims Gone Wrong, but you won’t find us linking to it.

sims gone wrong going wrong

They appear lately to have – as they say – sold out, as can be seen from the below.

sims gone wrong going wrong 2

If you’re running a website consisting of reprints of other people’s work, you should not be attempting to make money from it (and before anyone starts barfing off about here, we and the other WordPress bloggers have no control over them putting ads at the bottom of the screen for content posted over a year ago, unless we pay them to stop it).

You should certainly not be doing it via a free Dumblr site either. That’s taking the rip.

sims gone wrong going wrong 1

Even more taking the rip is having a ‘giveaway’ where you have to be following the Sims Gone Wrong blog and Amira’s personal Dumblr, Parachosm, full of ‘girly-girl’ drivel for airheads that has nothing to do with Simming.

sims gone wrong going wrong 3

More and more of the blog seems to be taken up with adverts and ‘special offers’ masquerading as Dumblr posts. That the blog is pretending to come out of Equitorial Guinea – an internet flag of convenience in the same way dodgy shipping firms use that of Liberia and home to one of Africa’s most brutal dictators – also ought to ring alarm bells when none of those behind the blog come from that country (their server is actually in New York, but that’s another story…).

sims gone wrong going wrong 4

And this has what exactly to do with the Sims series, you greedy bumnuggets?

Our advice? Keep reading it if it amuses, but make sure you’ve got good ad-blocking software just in case (especially as the site does not use HTTP Secure).

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