Spode Wonders What The Future Holds

spode wonders what the future holds for sims 4

With its dated concept, washed out look and lack of things to do, a decrease in worthwhile content that aren’t merely rehashes of what’s been done before, and a preponderance of trolls driving away what meaningful Simmers ever were interested into other pastimes, added to being increasingly frustrated when looking for help from those in charge who are more interested in high-fiving their besties like they’re still back in their school clique rather than being aging thirty-plus hasbeens, it is likely to suffer a long lingering death from a refusal to accept the inevitable that its day is done, even long after Sharkloverplayer has given it up as a lost cause.

Much the same as Snooty Sims, really!

rimshot  ehwhat mare's nest version

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