Joshua Goldberg Is A Evil Trolling Fail – THROW HIM IN JAIL!

Joshua Goldberg Is A Evil Trolling Fail - THROW HIM IN JAIL

Most of you by now will be familiar with the ongoing pantomime over the latest multiple alias doxed troll, Joshua Goldberg (aka Dreambug, MoonMetropolis, AusWitness, TanyaCohen, Emily_Americana, Europe88… and a larger number of unprintable ones…), who finally came unstuck when trying to goad what he thought was an Islamofascist nutcase into committing terrorism in the USA – not knowing it was in fact an undercover police officer who was also looking for the genuine article.

Day by day, more of his multifaceted online shitstirring factory is unravelling – including a heavy involvement in the whole Gamergate flamestorm fiasco which gave gamers such a bad press. Neo-nazi, Zionist diehard, Social Justice Warrior, Feminist, redneck bigot, he pretended to be them all – his excuse now was to unmask attempts to stifle freedom of speech, but it’s pretty clear his real aim was another of life’s losers seeking catharsis in their own nonsense little world where real human beings are chess pieces he manoeuvres for his own amusement, and to hell with the consequences where real people get hurt.

There is no doubt he is going to receive a massive prison sentence, and all his attempts to play the mental health card aren’t going to work as his handiwork shows so many signs of premeditation.

Let that be a warning to our own gang of wannabes.

Sooner or later, you overstep the mark,  sooner or later you’re caught – and once caught comes the reckoning…

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