Rockstar Does The Sims?

This moot on the EA forum seems to be getting bumped a bit, so reckon it’s time we threw in our thoughts.

rockstar does the sims

Rockstar to produce an alternative life simulator Sims style?

If you were looking for a dystopian type of game with a thin veneer of bar fly morality, sure, but the Sims series is – woo-hoo aside – a rather innocent Lorraine Kelly***-esque affair, and that’s part of its strength. Real life is a dismal enough affair and there’s seldom light at the end of Rockstar’s dark long tunnels, or if it is, it’s of the flickering variety.

They also aren’t any good at creating depth with ambiguity, the same way Skyrim or the Far Cry series managed to a passable level at the least, and something essential to any life simulator style game where actions ought to have lasting consequences which potentially can be reversed.

That said, at least they’d be able to make the celebrity lookalikes better than EA ever did. Did anyone else notice the following in GTA V for instance?

rockstar does the sims 1

Tom Jones?

rockstar does the sims 2

Tracy Morgan? Heck, he even gets into the same style of naval-gazing philosophical debates that his Jordan character did in ’30 Rock’!

rockstar does the sims 3

Jackie Chan in his prime?

rockstar does the sims 4

Stephen Fry with a nosejob?

rockstar does the sims 5

Murdoc from Gorillaz impersonating every Jack Nicholson character he’s ever portrayed or ever will.

See what we mean?

*** for the non-British readers, Lorraine Kelly is the epitome of the celebrity with a Taylor Swift strength Teflon layer of ‘niceness’ to the extent that she confessed to having sex in public with her husband whilst sniffing poppers, but the manner in which she did it she made it sound like she’d had tea and scones in some twinky twee country cafe. Didn’t ruin her career, didn’t boost it, did nothing. You really couldn’t make it up!

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