EA’s Latest Early Halloween Horror

Eye of newt and wing of bat? Breakfast of dog more like it.

spooky stuff more like recycled stuff

Remember the good old days when EA released a few free Halloween treats and Simmers did the rest?

Now it’s selling them as part of a stuff pack with two pieces of what once upon a time was referred to as Premium Content.

So whose idea was it to come up with a Spooky Candy Bowl and a Pumpkin Carving Station? Outside of Halloween, the latter in particular is about as much use as a soluble boat; yet these are the two star turns the Sims 4 mugs are expected to pay top whack for.

One part – ‘you can even ask other Sims for party treats (though don’t be surprised if they play a trick on your Sim instead).’ – is lifted straight out of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Should we be surprised? Not really. The clothes look like ports from Sims 3‘s Barnacle Bay’s pirate stuff and the old Movies stuff pack (and we all remember how popular that one proved – not!)

Neither are we surprised that the Sims Studio’s pet muppet – Graham Nardone – is behind this steaming pile of reheated pulled pork.

spooky stuff more like recycled stuff 1

Meh! We’ll keep our free goodies at the forthcoming Simbreen, if it’s all the same.

Double trouble, EA reach a new low;
Recycling 2 and 3 stuff won’t make Sims 4 glow;
This steaming turd from the toilet bowl;
Is another carve up from the same arsehole!

shakehead  shakehead

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