Wolflover Has A Deathwish For Deathfish

It’s the greatest crisis the fishing industry has faced since the Cod War. Or maybe not.

wolflover's lost for deathfish

Anyone else remember the good old days when Simmers would type in ‘Sims 3 Deathfish’ into their preferred internet browser and get the answers with a bit of reading instead of looking to be spoonfed all the time?

Yeah, us neither!

whistling mares nest version  banghead

wolflover's lost for deathfish 1

You would think after all this time Simmers would remember Minty’s First Law of Fishing if they want to get anywhere skilling up.

wolflover's lost for deathfish 2

Phoebebabe13 perhaps ought to have mentioned that it’s a good idea to ensure you have decent anti-virus and firewall software in place as some of Carl’s adverts do tend to of the sort that reputable virus checkers block…

And perhaps it’s worth reminding as Sincerbox and TreyNutz do that lazily looking for the graveyard isn’t always going to find you your precious deathfish…

wolflover's lost for deathfish 3

Of course, heaven forbid anyone point out that searching around for the answers with a bit of exploration in game is part of the fun of it all, that sense of achievement from getting it sorted… or are we being old fashioned?

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