Chemical Wibs Is Now Sommelier – Oh Wait A Moment, Only Her Dimblr!

chemical wibs has moved her simblr

Awkward sod!

chemical wibs has moved her simblr 1

Bloody pest!

Ladies and gentlemen and those in the ‘It’s Complicated’ category, please update your links accordingly.

On the other hand, she did also post the following so we’ll let her away with it.

Bouncy – bouncy – bouncy – yes little kitty, dominate them all with your crabbiness!

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

Other than that, it’s all business as usual, and the future’s bright as… well as Wibs’ Sims 3 games tend to be.

chemical wibs has moved her simblr 2

This must be the only non-Berry Sweet town where Skittles are considered drab and monochrome.

If eating Skittles is wrong, who the F**K wants to be right?

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