An Autumnal Perusal Of Vidkid20’s September

It’s been ages since we posted about goings on at Vidkid20’s Sim Lair – and since it’s the one place that can be relied upon to pick up the torch concerning contemporary bumnuggetry on the EA forum and elsewhere, we really ought to do a recap on events which Viddie has cast a gimlet eye over.

First up came at the start of September the end (hopefully…) of Our Vid’s health problems:

round up of vidkid20 stuff

We’ll be honest, any mention of anti-depressants gets us worried. We read about more and more Simmers being put on these bloody things in their teens (including a number we’ve mentioned here over the last year…).

At least Viddie’s that bit older, and it is health related (and more to the point it is working – she’s been far more active on her blog now that she has been for months), but if everyone else wants to know why we get the mega heebie-jeebies over happy pills, read on.

this is sidney poitier serious

Over the last eighteen or whatever months, both of us had cause to be prescribed with these bloody things, so a bit of first hand knowledge goes a long way to making us wary. One of us was injured back in 2014 (long story…), the injury refused to heal properly and the moment your humble narrator complained to the local Quack that they were still feeling pain and it was interfering with work, out came the happy pills.

Yeah, like that’s really going to speed up the healing process, but unfortunately nowadays there’s a certain amount of ‘take it or leave it’ where the NHS is concerned – if you don’t do their first treatment, and let it fail (as it invariably will), you don’t get the hospital referral to see a specialist that will know what the real problem is as they’re dealing with the same cases umpteen squillion times a day. Sit down, shut up, take your placebo and be jolly grateful for it – that’s the new British way. The drugs companies who give ‘incentives’ (i.e. kickbacks) to local health boards and GPs to punt this crap have got to get their profits on the public purse before you can get better.

For the other half, it was amongst other things stress related (ie. biting off more than they could chew), but that’s another story.

Strangely enough – or rather not for those with eyes to see –  both of us got the same thing: amitriptyline.

The British National Health Service these days is dishing it out like Smarties it seems for just about anything and everything. Amitriptyline is a particularly nasty little bag of tricks, since amongst other ‘side effects’ (such as brain shrinkage if taken for too long) it has been linked to significantly increased suicide levels when prescribed to teenagers or those in their early twenties within the first few weeks of taking them.

(Cult folk singer Nick Drake of ‘Riverman‘ fame – cousin of William Drake of Cardiacs and a fellow WordPress blogger – died from an overdose of it).

It was only meant to be used for major depression – you know, the way most of you felt at the end of your first day after buying and installing Sims 4 – but with so many other anti-depressants being subject to negative headlines from their recreational uses, it has made its way by default into being the favourite happy pill of the medical establishment in the ‘civilised’ west – dished out for just about anything and everything.

We’ve been here before: ask Rflong7/13 and Writin_Reg about the good old days of Librium, Mogodon and of course Valium. All of them via prescription – all of them harder to be weaned off than heroin. When they got a bad press (about three decades too late…), the switch was made to diazepam and temazepan – bang on time for them to become synonymous with the new recreational drug culture around the ‘rave’ scene. Which meant they were replaced in turn by… well, you get the picture.

But we digress.

Your humble narrator was pushed up to 25 mgs from 10 mgs (the initial strength it seems you get this crap) when – surprise, surprise Cilla! – it had no effect on the problem, except making yours truly feel dopey. Going to over double strength meant taking ludicrous amounts of coke drinks in order to be functional enough to go about ones daily business, even then your short term memory goes for a Burton.

As for the other half, 10 mgs was bad enough. One near miss with a car crossing the road forgetting to look before doing so was the last straw.

Swapping notes, we decided that the most prudent course of action was to invest in Codeine tablets and chocolate (chocolate is the answer, who cares a f**k what the question is!), and hope that when reincarnated we come back as cats living on a catnip farm.

And oh, telling our respective GPs to shove that Amitriptyline up their arses.

So good luck to anyone that gets put onto any of these anti-anxiety/anti-depressants – but if it’s looking to be more trouble than it’s worth, don’t put up with whatever crap your quack gives you.

Anyway, onto other matters.

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 1

We like the way Viddie waited until she’d first admitted she was on pills before saying ‘your wit will be forever legendary’. Maybe we ought to try to excuse the last six years on codeine abuse.

(Actually certain more bonkers Mare’s Nest moments came courtesy of one of us being shitfaced on cider loooooooooooooong before they were of the legal age to drink, but that’s another story for another time… oh yeah, and doing blog stuff when you’re still out of your tits on hypnoval from the dentists is highly recommended as well…).

All of which begs the question, just how hard were the Simgurus cheesing when they came up with the idea that Sims 4 was going to be a winner?

In any case, with Viddie back firing on all cylinders, she’s been spotting a few nuggets on the EA forum that escaped our wandering attentions…

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 2

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 3

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 4

Yes Ash251987, there’s a few Simmers – never mind Simmies – we think ought to woo-hoo themselves, or words to that effect!

And of course, there was time for Viddie to get on her steel toecapped Doc Martens for everyone’s favourite hate of the month of September – Rachel Franklin’s interview with the British Metro free newspaper where she tried as ever to pour more glitter on the Glitterturd:

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 5

As Vidkid20 pointed out, that a mere three days later out came another free trial for Sims 4 as their latest damage relations exercise from the latest PR howler shows how much those at EA really believe their own bullshit.

But before anyone could say ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, erm, again!’, Viddie gave it another go and found it all as exciting as before:

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 7

It at least gave her Simself in the Fourth Dimension a chance to do their legendary Aarin impression:

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 6

And Sharkloverplayer has really been failing in his Sims 4 duties in not keeping players warned of what to expect regarding his favourite topic in all Sims series releases to date:

round-up-of-vidkid20-stuff 8

We suppose this is all meant to be part of the new realism of the game, friction being caused over male Simmies thinking that all a female is interested in is whether he has a huge helmet or not.

wiggle tongue  yewot

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