T3ddy’s Rather Hard To Bear

Another one which Vidkid20 pointed out recently was the following obvious troll post on the EA forum from a certain T3ddy:

t3ddy wanting periods in sims 3

t3ddy wanting periods in sims 3 1

For those of you who don’t know who T3ddy is (like Simguru Bethelle, who may have had the sense to ban his sorry ass and be done with it had she done her homework…) , he’s some Dago twat called Lucas Olioti that is another of these tiresome wannabe You Tube gamer vloggers convinced he’s some sort of superstar.

t3ddy wanting periods in sims 3 2

He’s around a number of other gaming communities, attention whoring for all he’s worth. He even does a section called ‘troll quests’ on his vlog, for those that haven’t already got the hint. Ignore the bumnugget!

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