PhatAct Does A Real Life Sims Video – Blimey, That’s Original!

Oh hold in the multiple orgasms if you can:

another bloody sims in real life video

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Packstar is one of those behind the video in question he’s desperate to plug, but never mind.

another bloody sims in real life video 1

Please, just go away…

PhatAct is another of those tedious fame whore bumnuggets who does ‘in real life’ videos for various games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Zelda in real life, Toad from the Mario games in real life, and after two years of derisory viewing figures, you would really have thought they might have considered a new line and perhaps even new material instead of rehashing the same routine but with a different game endlessly – especially as all the games in question have been done to death in this fashion years ago.

And oh, they do ‘prank’ videos as well – like every other talentless motherf**ker on You Tube. Show us a ‘prank’ video where there’s some sort of novel twist – such as the victim reacting by cutting off the genitals of the ‘prankster’ and shoving them into their mouths – and we’ll care.

Here’s the clown behind it all at his

another bloody sims in real life video 2

‘Specialising in the unique’? ‘Thriving with creativity?’ If that load of last week’s reheated leftovers sicked up on You Tube is your best shot sunbeam, we hope you’ve got a day job to fall back on!

facepalmhy2  shakehead

But some of you make have time to kill whilst taking a dump on the toilet or whatever, so here’s something to watch and decide for yourself whether it’s funny or not – personally we find them all as painfully bad as each other, but each to their own…

Sleeping_smiley  Sleeping_smiley

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