Simguru Drake Doesn’t Have Their Finger On The Button

simguru drake doesn't have their finger on the button

shakehead  banghead

What did you expect was going to happen? You copied something set up by Mod The Sims in order to encourage a hive mind set and ensure everyone towed the party line, and found it to be used by those trolls who you are too yellow to chuck out from the absurd fear that it will ‘encourage’ them!

Of course, you could try doing your job and looking out for known bumnuggets returning in different guises, but nah! Too much like hard work, what?

Even though all you have to do is read the activity pages of those on the forum and look out for the inevitable ‘Welcome back’ posts as the f**kers inevitably out themselves because they’re such attention whores.

ehwhat mare's nest version  whistling mares nest version

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