Spookyscones Feline Fine (Or Maybe Not)

Back on the subject of mental health issues, over at Teatime For Sims someone else needs a rediagnosis.

Spookyscones Feline Fine (Or Maybe Not)

Your doctor diagnosed you with anxiety and a panic attack disorder.

You also say you have a cat.

Your doctor’s a bloody quack – of course you have anxiety and panic attacks… YOU HAVE A CAT!

It comes with the territory – one moment they’re being cut, cuddly and charming…

squeekitty with teddy

savethecats' signature gif


From the dawn of time, until the end of the universe, the ticklekitty is being tickled. It is important you know this.

The next…

dominating crabbiness


And when you choose to have a giant mutant cat in your house…

Spookyscones Feline Fine (Or Maybe Not) 1

cat freak out optimised  cat freak out optimised

But then as sanity is simply an illusion caused by a lack of alcohol and chocolate, who the hell wants to be considered mentally well…

Spookyscones Feline Fine (Or Maybe Not) 2

Be responsible for one of the greatest computer corporate fuck ups of all time – and get promoted. Go figure.

… in a world where the ‘normal’ people are quite clearly stark raving bloody mad.

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