Rflong7/13’s Right On The Button

The never ending saga of what buttons to have on the EA forum continues, which really puts Sims 4 into perspective when you realise more want to debate this than that bloody lame of a game.

rflong7-13's new button ideas

scratchhead  dizzy

Okay, we give up. What’s that button supposed to represent? Someone wearing a black bikini viewed from above? A malformed moustache?

Esine and AlexanderTrin3 seem to approve of the overall idea however:

rflong7-13's new button ideas 1

Trouble is, what sort of button to have on the forum?

If they’re looking for a button that is both useful and fun we’d suggest the next one for the EA forum ought to be a clitoris, but you’d only have the male Simmers complaining about being unable to find it.

rimshot  tomato

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