AlexanderTrin3 – Latest EA Forum Gay Stereotype Drama Queen Whacked With The Banhammer

Didn’t last long, did he?

alexandertrim3 permabanned

And that was the milder of his ‘I’m Gay And Have To Shove It In Everyone’s Face In Every Single Post’ attention whoring.

Oh for the return of the Stately Homo – you know, the ones that didn’t behave like the obligatory gay character in every Jimmy Perry and David Croft comedy. Why is it so many gay male Simmers seem to feel that part and parcel of their sexuality has to involve acting like born again Christians, reformed smokers, gym bores, vegans and the rest of the rag-tag and bobtail of those never happy unless their ramming their special snowflakery down everyone else’s throat.

(Gym bores? You know, those bumnuggets who have to tell you all about their workout programme no matter how many times you have politely and even not so politely indicated that you couldn’t care a flying fuck how many reps they did last night. They of course don’t care whether you care or not anyway, they’re merely indulging in verbal masturbation)

But we digress.

Here’s the irony: if you were to ask them in real life whether they were Simmers, you could bloody bet that Mr Out And Proud would be keeping that little factoid of their lives well and truly in the closet!

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

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