Skyscraperfan Permabanned At Last – Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!

skyscraperfan please just fuck off

wanker  wanker

Back at the start of September, perennial bumnugget Skyscraperfan aka AceFlamingo23 aka NashvilleKittens aka AceofHeartsXY aka Comedian14 aka … look we don’t have all night! … returned doing the same old tired attention seeking routines having burned his boats with the Minecraft community and elsewhere.

skyscraperfan please just fuck off 1

So threatening to commit suicide was ‘satire’, you twisted little prick?

It seems however that the newer Simgurus have less cloth ears than their predecessors to our warnings and have at long last done what ought to have been done two years ago:

skyscraperfan please just fuck off 2

bravo  point

Parting is such sweet bloody brilliant! Don’t let the door hit your spotty arse – oh, sorry, didn’t realise that was your face! – on the way out to finding a new gaming forum to bore.

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