Will KoumoriDiru And Jed_Bartlet_02 Take The Blogging Plunge (And Will Jillbg Come Back?)

will koumoridiru take the plunge

A thread started back in August by SteveKareha piqued our interest two months later thanks to the following post…

will koumoridiru take the plunge 1

Now veteran Simmer KoumoriDiru has long been one of the more interesting – and more to the point articulate – Simmers on the EA forum, so if they are going to spread their wings that little bit more and branch out to the blogosphere, we for one will be interested.

sunshine  sunshine

The thread however was also touched with the following sad note:

will koumoridiru take the plunge 2

Jillbg‘s been one of the good ‘uns for a long while – not a prolific but a quietly steady poster on the EA forum – and we’re sorry to hear she’s drifted away from Simming (perhaps understandable with her work in Africa, although considering she’s from Scandinavia we’re amazed she’s not melted yet!), though at least it is still finding uses for her with her The Grey Witches blog.

will koumoridiru take the plunge 3

And we’re amazed that Jed_Bartlet_02 has been so slow to put all those screenshots to good blogging use if the following from earlier this year is anything to go by!

slaplol  wiggle tongue

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