We’re Not Saying That Sims 4 Fans Are Thick, But SimFan298 Doesn’t Help The Stereotype!

Okay, this was simply plain bizarre.

simsfan298 what on earth

So this SimFan298 makes a post about how Sims 4 is the best thing since sliced sewage – before going off to make a post asking about how to improve the performance of Sims 3

scratchhead  dizzy

… then came the following volte face:

simsfan298 what on earth 1

So you’re not going to play a game because no one else likes it as much as you do?


When people pointed out there’s a whole section of the EA forum who love glitterturds think otherwise, this was his excuse:

simsfan298 what on earth 2

simsfan298 what on earth 3

What on earth is the point of stopping playing a game you like more in order to play a game you like less when neither game doesn’t even require extra players to do so?

If you prefer Sims 4 to Sims 3, fine – go have a ball. You’re a bumnugget, but still go have a ball.

Much as we’re delighted to see anyone giving Sims 4 the heave ho, this reason is as stupid as stupid gets. You don’t play a game or not in order to follow the herd  – it was exactly that which saw so many out of pocket last September, despite all the warnings of what to expect.

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