A Dumblr About Sims 3 Nectar? We’ll Drink To That!

Now here’s one of those ‘why didn’t someone think of this one before?’ moments:

misha's nectary on dumblr

Misha – another of Spookyscone’s cohorts – has come up with the idea of a Dumblr decicated to all things Nectar related, especially good recipes for fun and profit.

Just so long as this doesn’t result in the start of a Simmie version of CamRA starting up (the Campaign For Real Ale) – Simmers for Real Nectar (slogan – ‘real Nectar Simmers love it best laid in deep cellers’).

Come to think of it, considering the results some of the recipes appear to have on Simmies, we’re wondering whether this is such a good idea after all…

misha's nectary on dumblr 1

yewot  yewot

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