Spookyscones At The Spookytime

Readers will be relieved to hear that everything is normal down at Teatime for Sims way – ie. Spookyscones is still somewhat leftfield of Luna Lovegood:

Spookyscones At The Spookytime

Okay, hands up all of you who are now going to try making peanut butter swiss roll at the weekend?

Only in the Pooky One’s dimension could the following happen:

Spookyscones At The Spookytime 1

yewot  yewot

Spookyscones At The Spookytime 2

What is even more mad however is failing to download her contribution for this year’s Simbreen, a delightful take on the billion copycat container lots that have been doing the rounds in Wibs wake most of which are unloadable. This one is for alien worlds, but to be honest this would be spot on for any such world where swift construction and functionality rather than pretty comes first (an ice world, a desert world, etc).

You know where the link is, go and see it for yourselves!

sunshine  sunshine

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