Wibs’ Pornography Pink Nights

Wibs and the porno pink sky

Of course, it could be they simply pinched a lapsed popular name knowing it was going to still attract tonnes of hits (moral of the story: never give up your URL until at least two years later by which the traffic will have died and the jackanapes won’t be interested – just put it on mothballs…)

We reckon they were inspired by what night time currently looks like in your games:

Wibs and the porno pink sky 1

yewot  scratchhead

Yes, those are stars you can see – it is indeed night.

In the almost words of Tasmin Archer:

We blame EA for Aurora Skies
And the dream that died
With the crap balloon flight
We blame Wibs for the Porno pink nights
When we wonder why
It makes our eyes bleed dry
Don’t blame that sleeping Dumblr website.

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use  tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

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