Sunny CC Finds Driving Up A Dead End With This One

sunny cc finds driving up a dead end

Much as we love Sunny CC Finds – the natural successor to the now moribund Sims 3 Updates – they could do with a bit of quality control lest they commit the same follies that S3U and the late unlamented Sims 3 Blog made of not making any primary source checks.

sunny cc finds driving up a dead end 1

facepalmhy2  fryingpan

In actual fact, these ‘new’ cars were made back in 2012 in the Fresh Prince’s heyday whilst Understrech Imagination’s adfly ridden webshite hasn’t been updated in aeons.

The reason for this howler is Sunny taking her source – Lana CC Finds – at face value that their finds are new CC.

sunny cc finds driving up a dead end 2

This is the danger of Dumblr, where people reblog other people’s errors reflex fashion because it only requires a quick button press. It encourages lazy blogging practices and the repetition of errors so fast it can take far longer for any damage done from misinformation to be rectified – not least of all because Dumblrs aren’t exactly famed for their mea culpa ethos and tend to simply bury their bumnuggetry beneath an avalanche of further reblogs.

manul says you displease me with your fail

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