Are Your Sims 4 Simmies Acting A Little More Like You Were Promised When You Bought That S**t?

sims 4 being tarted up again

Simguru Daniel is the latest from Twat Central in Redwood City indulging in a bit of self congratulation that he and his cohorts have been getting their fingers out to implement what they promised customers when they first brought out Sims 4.

sims 4 being tarted up again 1

Excuse us, but wasn’t emotions meant to be the central plank of Sims 4 ? Except of course you shower were too thick as two short ones to implement it properly and have had to go literally back to the drawing board.

sims 4 being tarted up again 2

‘Sorry, adulterous Sims, you’re going to need to be a little sneakier moving forward.’

facepalmhy2    wanker

Always beware of those who use the phrase ‘moving forward’ – the favourite business speak of incompetent tossers who couldn’t find their own arses in the bath.

sims 4 being tarted up again 3

‘After improving the reliability and feel of jealousy reactions…’

Which you would not have had to do had you playtested the game properly before release instead of using your customers as your beta-testers.

‘…we realised it was a great opportunity to allow players to create Sims that care even more about those situations.’

No shit, Sherlock!

Again, considering the central plank of last September’s whale of fail was emotions such a train of thought hardly ought to have required much effort – at least, for a game properly brainstormed and tested rather than rushed up from a load of old binned Sims Olympus code.

‘A Trait seemed like the perfect way to get these dramatic moments to occur even more often, and with even more fireworks!’

And yet again, hardly requiring a great leap of thought had you planned your work and worked your plan instead of coding by the seat of your pants hoping Twallan and NRaas Industries would be around to wave their Elder Wands and fix it.

Extra jealousy in Sims 4? Only real jealousy is that it isn’t Sims 3 – for all its faults an infinitely more superior game than its supposed successor will ever be.

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