A Sims 3 Update? Well… Not Quite…

Over at the moribund Crinrict’s Sims 3 Help Blog, our flabbers were well and truly ghasted to see an update:

a sims 3 update well not quite

thOMG  thOMG

Could this be EA surrendering on Armistice Day and acknowledging defeat trying to beat Sims 3 with Sims Olympus Walking Dead Version ?

Sure enough, on the EA forum, Simguru Gemima Puddleduck was quacking the following:

a sims 3 update well not quite 1


The part which was of concern to us was this:

‘which will include a new The Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Pack Manager.’

In other words, the Expansions and Stuff Park manager (which Grathes did back in 2010 anyway – first as the custom launcher and later with CC Magic – so no big deal if you ever wanted that in the first place…) is not all that’s included, and our nasty suspicious little minds were wondering what else was being contained that they didn’t wish us to know.

Sure enough, not long after…

a sims 3 update well not quite 2

So it’s managed to affect something that wasn’t even mentioned  – namely the CAS tool – and which had zero to do with this Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager.

So what else was it about to be messing around with that they weren’t going to be admitting unless they had to?

You know what EA? You’ve had six years of screwing us over, breaking our games and waiting for Twallan or whoever else to fix it, releasing updates which caused more problems than they solved because there was all sorts of other nefarious tasks the new code was to do (such as pushing Store items even when playing offline!).

You’re not getting any more.

Stick your Expansions and Stuff Pack Manager – with whatever other meatballs you’ve thrown in with the usual spaghetti you call code – up your arse and ‘angry poop’ it!

thatsit  thatsit

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