R.I.P. Phil Taylor of Motorhead

One who sadly didn’t make it today was Phil ‘Filthy’ Taylor, Motorhead’s former loony drummer through their golden years.

rip phil taylor of motorhead

Like band leader Lemmy, Phil lived the rock and roll lifestyle to the full, but unlike Lemmy knew when to quit when old age crept up on him, scaling back his commitments – leading to almost world record numbers of inaccurate reports of his death – much to his amusement.

He became famous in the music industry for pioneering the dual kick drum technique with his distinctive shark’s teeth drumkit, but he was a much underrated character of many talents beyond that of drumming. For example, the ‘ticky tick’ heard towards the end of Motorhead’s signature song ‘Ace Of Spades’ was Phil tap dancing – it amused him for decades that drummers would frequently complain they’d tried hitting every conceivable object with their drumsticks trying to replicate the sound in vain – the truth was only revealed in an 2005 documentary…).

That he should now have died at the shockingly young age (by today’s standards) of sixty one is a sobering thought, especially as it came from liver failure long after he’d given up the excesses of his younger years.

RIP, you bloody loony!

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