SilentWolf101 – Bumnugget Of The Week

Let’s face it, it’s going to take something pretty spectacular to top this one.

silentwolf101 being a tosspot

SilentWolf101’s reply to Letchy15 really takes the cake – and we might have known they’d include a link to an article in the Guardian – the bible of every self-righteous arsebucket that loves the smell of their own farts.

‘Here’s what frustrates me about the whole “Stand up for France!” thing: Most people don’t realize that France isn’t the only country that’s suffering.’

Oh please go and f**k yourself with a porcupine.

There’s nothing so offensive as someone trying to play the ‘Whatabout?’ card to trivialise (whilst feigning ‘perspective’) some calamity, especially one man made by deliberate cruelty. It’s even more offensive given the link to what’s going on in Brazil SilentWolf101 appears to think is oh-so-more important:

silentwolf101 being a tosspot 1

Oh, a foal and its mother are trapped after a dam burst (total death toll by the way was seven)! A dam which incidentally they were being warned about for years was going to burst because like everything else in Brazil ‘health and safety’ is for pussies.


That really puts one hundred and twenty nine people massacred and at least four hundred and thirty three injured (eighty eight critically and one in an induced coma in a last resort to save their life) from a bunch of neanderthal savages into perspective, doesn’t it?

Well it does if you’re some bloody Guardian reading Jeremy-Corbyn-Is-My-Wank-Fantasy type who in the safety of El Drongo’s Cappuchino Bar will suggest sotto voce to your equally hipster friends that the French ‘sort of asked for it’ for their centuries of imperialistic practices to the poor misunderstood natives in other parts of the world.

Anyone that attacks unarmed citizens without warning in retaliation for the actions of their government (who even if elected tend to do whatever the hell they like until voted out again) is twice as evil as the people responsible for the very wrong they feign to be justifying their actions with.

Just like the attacks in France during January, April, June and August, this was people going about their daily business whose ‘crime’ was to be an easy target – that’s why people are so angry about the latest attack on the French. When people are targeted not for their culpability, but their vulnerability, it is the most basic of human emotions to feel anger and revulsion to the acts of those who are little more than evil bullies.

‘I also know that there are things that I can do right now to help.’

Yeah, and helping yourself a big slice of STFU cake before spouting specious ‘leftfield’ platitudes is one of them.

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