Doggone It, Plumb Barb!

No point in Toby Plum getting all pouty about it over at the Plum Legacy (in Plumb Barb’s Dimblr)…

doogone it plumb barb

… the fact is with that face their dog is clearly a pervert.

Get it snipped before it’s too late and it has humped your Simmies furniture and legs to the point of crashing the game.

(We have no idea why Dakota Rose lookalike Toby Plum is so pouty though, although being a girl called Toby might be one reason – over in the UK it’s one of those boys’ names like Nigel which is short hand for middle class hubristic know-it-all and servile brown noser of all authority figures who deserves to die a most painful Mr Filch approved death. Name your son Toby and you may as well tattoo ‘Tear Here’ to his neck and arse).

wag_finger  scratchhead

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