Pudding Face – Invented By Someone That Ate Too Many Puddings…

the story behind pudding face

The phrase ‘pudding face’ is a fine example of hivemind in action.

Upon Sims 3, the snark kiddies at More Awesome Than You, Mod The Sims and Garden of Shadows sneered that Sims 3 Simmies had pudding faces (namely from being too lazy and stupid to learn how to use the sliders properly) and the sheepies have been bleating it ever since.

We might have known that the great social justice radically conscious wing of the Simming world that were to be bleating on about gay Simmies, trans Simmies, culturally appropriated EA Store content, etc. for the next six years would prove to be rather hypocritical when it came to the default game Simmies having ‘fat’ faces.

Still miles better than their beloved Sims 2 where every Simmie looked like Nicholas Cage without a mountain of mods and cc – and light years ahead of Sims 4 (although so is Jet Set Willy, so no big deal there…)

whistling mares nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

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