Tharmia’s Little Red Roost

Tharmia's Little Red Roost

Ten by ten homes are wonderful for new game starters, especially if like us you want to get your Simmies gardening, so you can move them eventually in the corner of a sixty by sixty lot.

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Tharmia's Little Red Roost 1

Tharmia from Germany’s All About Sims’ compact and bijou beach starter home fits the bill nicely – pretty enough in its own right to use ‘as is’, but with enough scope to knock things down and convert inside to make even more compact with some more space saving custom content from elsewhere.

Tharmia’s been sensible enough to realise most native English speakers aren’t going to join a German site to download content, so it is also available over at The Sims Resource, for the price of counting to ten in a page of adverts which are at least ten times less dodgy than your average Adfly efforts so beloved of Dumblr ‘retextured hair’ parasites.

Grab this, a tiny island of your choice (Rflong7/13, Nilxis and Visty6 have loads of lovely ones, plus there’s Elizia’s Queen Palm Island) and have yourself a not too full of hardships castaway break game today.

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