Play The Chase – Skysims Edition!

a new skysims hair how long before cheap copies appear

A new Skysims hair is out – and tonight the race is on to be the first bumnugget to upload a ‘retexture’ for their revenue generating blog site frequented by the terminally immature who won’t download from The Sims Resource for ideological reasons or are too bloody stupid to know how to convert items from sims3pack to package format (hint: Sims3Pack Multi Installer program).

Ooooo, we can hardly contain ourselves with the excitement! So while we wait, let’s all play a little game…

It’s the Skysims edition of…

the chase skysims edition

First question:

Which of the following retexturers of Skysims’ hairs are only available via Adfly, meaning the person who stole it is earning more money than the one who took all the time to make the mesh in the first place?

Is is






or is it…



And the correct answer is… Jennisims!

Miasimmer makes no money at all – her Dimblr has no adverts, no Adfly, no bumnuggetry. Neither does Beaverhausen – you just have to allow for the fact he’s going to post his preview pics using some weird alien buck-toothed women which he appears to have a fetish for as his hair model.

Second question:

Which of the following is the only one to not post ‘Terms Of Use’ for their stolen hairs with wanked up ‘retextures’ on top of linking them to money generating Adfly slots into the bargain?

Is is





Plumbobbily Pixels

or is it…



And the correct answer is… Aveirasims!

Plumbobbily Pixens and Salem2342 meanwhile are the ones showing extra bumnuggetry above and beyond the call of duty.

anna kubrick having the cheek to copyright what she's stolen

In fact, Salem2342 (Anna Kubrick) earns you extra points for bastardliness by her demanding you link to Adfly in her Terms Of Use, and having the collosal gall to ‘copyright’ what she has herself stolen!

anna kubrick having the cheek to copyright what she's stolen 1

Luckily we’ve had a word in the ear of someone proven expert this week in dealing with arsebucket Russkies who think rules on respecting other people’s property are only for everyone else to follow…

anna kubrick having the cheek to copyright what she's stolen 2

Fly, our pretties, fly – give the f**ker two extra from us as well, Johnny Turk!

evilgrin  evilgrin

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