And The New Owner Of Sim Secret Is…

… the same one as before, Hoopytytrib.

At least for now.

so much for the new owner going to be announced next saturday

Well who didn’t see that one coming?

facepalmhy2  Sleeping_smiley

As we mused last week, there was the strong possibility that Hooptytrib was ‘merely attention whoring to see how many out there still care less’. That they are now saying ‘there’s still a bit of time’ for applications – despite there now being five – seems to indicate this is going to be strung out longer than the Black Pearl Sims death throes (although at least the successor – Sims Pearls – does appear to be a secure site after all the bumnuggetry that’s gone before this year…) , and our guess about being ‘tired’ amounts to Hoopytytrib ‘feeling ignored’ and ‘too many noobs and no kewl peeps posting the lulz, maaaan.’

so much for the new owner going to be announced next saturday 1

This has self-posted written all over it.

When you consider where the focus for Sims Secret has been since time immemorial, the real wonder is how long it has taken to come to this. Sims 2, Live Journal, the MTS/MATY/GoS wannabe Illuminati… all the hasbeens, never-would-bes and bloody-well-glad-they-never-weres of interest merely to themselves and a few members of Boolprop Fight The Addiction False.

Even their focus on the newer platforms concentrated mainly on Dumblrs which were more interested in feuding with others than anything remotely Simming (and trolls tend to have a far shorter shelf life on Dumblr than on forums) or those Dumblrs which treat the Simming series as a masturbation aid instead of a game. When you cocoon yourself into an ultra limited section of the Simmerverse, what did you expect would happen?

so much for the new owner going to be announced next saturday 3

Anyone else heard of Chromasims? Anyone care?

In the ever decreasing circles they represent and a Simming fan base more fragmented than ever before across three separate platforms, broadening its scope was a must for it to have any relevence left.

Unfortunately the snark kiddies haunting SS were equally as hidebound, any attempts by outside posters to broaden its net was met by derision (especially mention of the EA forum, both old and new) as not being ‘kewl’, and why bother sending a ‘secret’ to a weekly Live Journal of anonymous Simmerverse bitchings in the hope of inclusion when Dumblr provides it in real time?

so much for the new owner going to be announced next saturday 2

Since last week a whole two extra Simmers have thrown their hat into the ring.

Well, one really… SimplyAimee. Nope, we have no idea who it is either… has a Live Journal. Is this the now vanished Sims 4 Dumblr denizen SimplyAimee-Lorraine?

We give it one more week tops before Hooptytrib announces CircusWolf’s takeover –  assuming they are still interested, as we notice they couldn’t even be bothered to make any replies to this week’s charivari, despite one rather open goal…

so much for the new owner going to be announced next saturday 4

scratchhead  yewot

We’ve managed to read the supposedly amusing line as saying ‘my obsession with this world in my head should be put on my strange addiction’, by someone called Eir-Sims, who has taken over JKTee511’s role of having the most unreadable Simming site online, with everything in teenie-tiny grey text on a white background. Which is a shame, as she appears to put quite a bit of effort into it all – but with a story due to start this December, she really needs to make her Dimblr a lot more legible.

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