Treynutz’s Evil Drug Empire Exposed!

Oh, we ought to have known he was up to something!

Treynutz's Evil Drug Empire Exposed

Treynutz got his workshy bum of a Simmie Orlando to start making robots. Why would he want as many as three?

Treynutz's Evil Drug Empire Exposed 1

For looking after round the clock his massive crystal meth flower farming operation in his basement, that’s what!

thOMG  thOMG

Can you believe the way this sick merchant of misery is boasting that he’s flogging his evil harvest down at the popular Simming holiday resort of Oasis Landing? For a 440% profit at that!

No wonder that world never works properly and is all stuttery whenever you load it up – nothing to do with the coding, it’s because all the starting residents are cracked out of their pixel brains!

Remember Simmies,  just say no!

wag_finger  wag_finger

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