Shoo-In Circuswolf Being Told To Shoo By Disgrunted Sim Secret Readers?

The trouble with Sim Secret allowing anonymous comments is that it is next to impossible to know whether they are from a hundred, a handful or even the same person.

Certainly one can figure out what ‘Secret’ posts on certain topics tie in with certain commenters thereafter, but they are restricted to those stupid enough (usually out of vanity) to post many, many times with their public persona (hello FraulineFive!) and thus leave enough breadcrumbs that eventually lead to their doors.

circuswolf not wanted by some sim secret readers

Currently the jury has to be out as to whether it’s all now backfired on Sim Secret now they’re stringing out the fiasco of Hooptytrib’s search for a replacement. Circuswolf has been singularly targeted for criticism among the candidates – albeit they’re just about the only candidate anyone has heard of!

circuswolf not wanted by some sim secret readers 1

Yes, Circuswolf is a trannie, on top of being a furryclusterfuck.

One reason perhaps some are not too enamored with them is he/she/it used to be around the Simming world under the name Levini.

circuswolf not wanted by some sim secret readers 2

That name ringing a bell with you? It should do – they were centre stage to the fat pervert Pescado’s ludicrous, distasteful attempts to smear The Sims Resource with paedophilia accusations that led to us demolishing the whole house of cards that was TSR Must Be Destroyed back in the summer of 2011. That’s a lot of people to piss off out there by backing the wrong gang of bumnuggets.

circuswolf not wanted by some sim secret readers 4

But the point is Circuswolf people do know more than you ‘allow’ them to know.

You dropped the Levini and WolfLevini tags when you became known as the epitome of the ‘gay teen male as screaming drama queen masquerading as a social justice warrior’ stereotype. You were central to one of the most disgraceful slanders on a fellow Simmer ever witnessed. Your answer every time you f**ked up – usually after taking part in f**king someone over with your other MATY scum – was to delete that blog or Dimblr with all the incriminating evidence and start again, expecting everyone to forget about it and ‘move on’ at your convenience. Not once did you ever show the slightest shred of remorse – and that can’t be scrubbed from hundreds of Simmers’ memories.

circuswolf not wanted by some sim secret readers 5

Yes, that was four years ago when you were fifteen and you’ve grown up (hopefully…) some more since then – and we were impressed at the way you slapped down the naysayers over the fundraisers for LoobyLou1985 (who vanished mysteriously after the target was achieved and it appears has not been heard from since…) but all the evidence from your postings on Sim Secret must make plenty nervous that it’s going to go into the paws of a potential tinpot dictator that will only allow posts on topics that conform to their own interests and prejudices; which would be a death sentence for an already beleaguered Sim Secret, which relies on Simmers disagreeing as much as agreeing with the ‘secrets’ posted for its traffic.

The question is of course, how many readers has Sim Secret got left to even care? How many of Circuswolf’s anonymous critics are different posters anyway, rather than merely one or two? It’s the ever narrowing term of reference that has brought it to its current nadir – and if Circuswolf makes it even narrower that could prove the final nail in the coffin.

We’d say that they’re pretty much the obvious candidate for the job insofar as being the keenest and having a proven track record of interest in it… the problem is that they’re going to have to become a lot more bloody broad minded towards their fellow Simmers – especially to those holding opinions contrary to Circuswolf’s own brittle ideology and tunnel-visioned approach to the Simming community – if Sim Secret is to have a future.

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