Are Mounties Some Sort Of Christmas Tradition in Japan? (Or Is It Something Else…)

not the mountie thing again

We ask the question because, once again, we have become targetted by those Japanese readers of a certain website providing stock photos of men in police style uniforms, which is still going to continue the confusion we fear of Japanese tourists asking bemused Canadian mounties when they stopped using kazoos…

not the mountie thing again 1

One thing we did notice since last time is there seems to be an awful lot of piccies now of black cops. Which has us wondering (considering the Japs – bless ’em! – and their distinctive pecadillos…) whether the website owner was pandering to those who wanted not merely the long arm of the law but the long truncheon of the law into the bargain, if you get our drift…

ehwhat mare's nest version  smiley-shocked032

Hey, don’t accuse us of pandering to stereotypes – why do you think the Village People made Victor Willis dress up as the cop? Case closed, m’lud!

not the mountie thing again 2

Oh shut up Chris!

Fifty years of age and he still looks under thirty. Most of those on the EA forum, Mod The Sims and The Sims Resource nowadays are only able to look that way in CAS!

evilgrin  evilgrin

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