MeaganJo’s Clipper Creek Campground Makes Moonlight Falls Hols A Go-Go

As you will have guessed from Raiders, we’ve been spending a lot of time with Moonlight Falls, and are likely to be spending even more time with it now that MeaganJo’s made this excellent campsite to use it as a viable holiday destination too.

meaganjo's clipper creek campground

Thank’s to Sunny’s CC Finds, it’s currently enjoying a renewed download run on the back of MeaganJo’s recent Forgotten Factory Gardens‘ build – which is always the way these things tend to go, you post up something new, and everyone downloads something old on top!

meaganjo's clipper creek campground 1

Acid trip style colour enhancement courtesy of The Mare’s Nest, not MeaganJo, as we found the original too dark and didn’t do it justice.

What better way to use up one of those useless 64  x 64 lots than with this delightful campside containing two compact and bijou trailers, plus two tents (cheap and luxury) for those wishing to slum it.

You can get camping by downloading it from good old Mediafire here (no Adfly, no CC, no bumnuggetry!) or direct from the old EA forum here.

bravo  bravo

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