Neuro-Toxic Laura Seeing Some Things, But Not Others…

Over at the Neuro-Toxic Tumblr of North Wind Summit Laura, there’s been a rather good find…

a good call on this one

slaplol  smiley-lol

A pity the same can’t be said for her resurrection of her Silent Hill Alchemilla Hospital project.

a good call on this one 1 a good call on this one 2

Yeah, we’re sure it’s a really good representation of that game… but here’s the snag – what would you exactly do with such a shithole in your game?

Okay, the Sims series is a sandbox game, it’s what you make of it, but why are there certain people never ever happy unless they’re making it the sort of the ghastly pile of crap we can all see in our every day lives (especially in our wonderful age of austerity…) and play to get away from?

shakehead  scratchhead

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