Aarin’s Halloween Christmas Extravaganza

Prize for the earliest Christmas wishes this year went to Aarin as the Great Knit chose to make her season’s greetings…

aarin's halloween christmas spectacular

…on Halloween.

One curiosity which appeared over on Switch’s Silliness the same day as on Aarin’s blog was a mention of the late Bob Ross.

aarin's halloween christmas spectacular 1

For the benefit of non-American readers, we ought to explain who Bob Ross was, as he was one of the most unlikely of American icons – the host of ‘The Joy Of Painting’ on American telly from 1983 until 1994. Essentially it was the equivalent of the old ‘Paint Along With Nancy’ on British commercial TV in the 1970s (the Nancy being American painter Nancy Kominsky) and Bill Alexander’s ‘The Magic of Oil Painting’ on American’s PBS – showing how anyone could turn their hand to being a dab hand with brush and palette.

The difference was whilst Nancy and Bill won over fans with their exuberance, Bob Ross’ promotion of painting as a means to relaxation from life’s stresses benefitted from his soothing tones – one of the jokes about him was he was the ‘King of ASMR’: that is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (which for the uninitiated is that strange but pleasant tingling in the base of the skull or other parts of the brain in response to certain stimuli such as whispering. We wonder whether a cat’s purring is their own ability to trigger the same response in themselves at will…).

The remarkable part was that Bob came into painting very late indeed in his life: he’s served in the army since he was old enough to join up, rising to Master Sergeant – until in 1981 he snapped, having had enough of a life requiring him to scream at people all day long, vowing never to raise his voice again. His former comrades could hardly believe that the same person appearing on TV with a 70s Afro-perm whispering about ‘happy little trees’ two years later.

aarin's halloween christmas spectacular 2

Aarin finding her inner Bob Ross in December? Or getting her computer back from the menders? Who knows – so little of what she posts nowadays seems to come with any explanation.

Time will tell.

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