‘We Wrote This Ditty About A Game So Shitty…’

Already onto pay-for add-on number eight for Sims 4 – is EA rushing through the projected ‘product life cycle’ before pulling the plug?

It appears from the vid EA’s producers are still getting all their knowledge of European culture from the Walt Disney Studios. More crumbs from past Sims 3 glories sold at a rip-off price to the entertainment starved dwindling masses.

The mugs will reflex buy it of course in order to breathe a few more weeks of happiness from playing it, only to be morose again come January 2016 as the novelty lies as dead as the Christmas tree in your bin come Epiphany night.

There may be a few Simmers having epiphanies of their own at the same time, and adding to their new year’s resolutions ‘no more Sims 4 rubbish’, but those who have stuck with it this far are probably beyond saving – along with their money.

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