And How Long Did FriendlySimmers’ Latest Hissy Fit ‘Leaving The EA Forum’ Last?

length of time friendlysimmers december strope lasted

A whole week, since you ask.

Of course, another one to consider as trolling is being a serial drama queen making dramatic exits which may upset the more feeble minded members not versed in their ideosyn-cretin-ic ways or give the emo junkies an excuse to go off the deep end.

But since anyone who sucks up Simguru Quack, BChick or Bethelle’s arse appears to be immune from getting a toe up the backside, we’ll not hold our breath on that one happening any time soon.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même culpépitrie…

whistling mares nest version  thatsit

manul says fail in french

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