Drama Queen Countdown (Be Warned About Casarspins)

We all know how this story tends to go…

drama queen countdown

So this Casarspins first post says ‘btw all my Sims are gay hope that doesn’t affect anyone…’

Oh sure, why ask? Unless you’re looking for trouble.

If that sounds cynical, let’s just say it comes with experience… along with the company this bumnugget keeps:

drama queen countdown 1

Well well well, if your ‘childhood friend’ just doesn’t happen to be Skyscraperfan’s buddy and fellow nuisance, Ping Yo!

Old troll in new bottle, or same old troll with sock puppet? Who knows? Who cares! But forewarned is forearmed if they start kicking off, especially as we’re coming into one of the peak seasons for trolls…

wanker  wanker

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