You’re Taking A Break Ellzia? Already?

ellzia's finally taken a break 1

On 7th October 2012, Ellzia decided to start a Dumblr for her legacies and Simming activities.

ellzia's finally taken a break

Three years and two and a half months later she’s decided to take a break.

ellzia's finally taken a break 2

A break? A BREAK?!

What the plumbob makes you think you’re entitled to a break?!?!

You’ve only made a mere…

eight hundred and seventy seven pages worth of posts – or to be precise eight thousand seven hundred and sixty three posts!

(Which averages out to seven and a half posts a day!)

thOMG  thOMG

Erm, yes, perhaps taking a break is maybe a good idea…

And perhaps going outside, getting some fresh air, checking to see which of your friends and relatives are still alive, making sure next door’s not running a meth lab or a pole dancing club, that sort of thing.

And sun! Lots of sun! That’s the big yellow shiny thing up in the sky.

We think Her Royal Berrysweetness, Berrypie, will grant you special dispensation from putting your Berry Sweet duties on hold without sending the Fruit Squad round to drag you off to a Greengrocers Of Correction for titty twisters.

As for your other Simming activities, we’re sure the rest of the Simming world will grant you at least some sort of a break!

ellzia's finally taken a break 3

So sweet. So innocent. So unaware of the mind scarring horrors we all have planned for them in our games… bwahahahahahah!

In the meantime, she does have some of her Simmies available for download which will make excellent victims for Gregorina and ZanySazy’s new Perv Palace and Dungeon of Iniquity and Indulgence Simmies for your game.

ellzia's finally taken a break 4

Oh, she does houses too. Lots of them. Lots of lots you could say. More than a burglar.

Go on. Get over there and get downloading lest she becomes another whose talented works have vanished and died with another taken down without warning blog site (there’s been enough of them this year). You never know, it might even help her get her inspiration back if she sees how many are interested in her Simmies and lots.

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