Is Caprica Rising Aiding Theft Or Not? You Decide

We really aren’t sure how to feel about this one:

caprica rising stealing or not

So this Caprica Rising, or Bellakenobi, is yet another of those bloody Johnny Foreigners with no respect for other people’s copyright (but what can you expect from the land which kills street children as if they were vermin and which hides wanted Nazis and the occasional Great Train Robber…)

But here’s the snag:

caprica rising stealing or not 1

She has gone and converted a load of objects from Ambitions for those with Base game only – including all the laundry stuff. Naughty.

But of course the latter items have been working for ages without it thanks to an EA patch which also meant that custom content creators were able to make ones of their own.

Which brings us to the dilemma: if you already have Ambitions, and download the above so you can save space by removing the Ambitions stuff you don’t want to use (e.g. some of those hideous clothes and haircuts), that’s fine, yes? Yet technically it is still piracy…

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