Cloverstardropper’s Sticky Memory Switch (See What We Did There?)

Taken from Switch’s Silliness (note the umpteen billionth new address…):

switch's memory problems

Ho ho ho – just you wait, Henry Higgins Cloverstardropper, just you wait.

One year from now, Switch will wonder in turn why the parents cannot remember the simple instructions on how to work the new TV/phone/‘insert “milestone in technology” of choice here’, etc. which The Dominating Crabbiness has told them for the ten billionth time in the last hour …

(You know Switchy-poos – just like the way you’ve been forced to open all the child-proof locked medicine bottles for them since you were five years old…)

… and yet your parents can still can remember with Pulitzer Prize winning attention to detail EVERY embarrassing childhood episode Switch ever had.

To be recited with increasingly romanticised detail at every family gathering – up to and including your graduation, wedding, conquest of Belgium, etc…

ehwhat mare's nest version  banghead

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