IreneSwift’s Finding Karaoke Night For Her Diva’s A Bit Off Key…


it's not that ridiculous ireneswift

Teetoot had a similar experience, although Minx had one possible explanation (but not the correct one):

it's not that ridiculous ireneswift 1

JoAnne65 however had the answer – which seemed sensible when you think about it:

it's not that ridiculous ireneswift 2

Yeah, we’ve all heard of the stories of the big stars of the music world who have been humiliated in some karaoke bar where without their studio overdubbing and live show mixing desk trickery they were found to be wanting, so it makes sense if performance in the singing career is not commensurate with excellence at karaoke.

It would however make sense if it was commensurate with the time everyone in the bar had spent at the Juice bar and bubble blower!

evilgrin  ehwhat mare's nest version

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