TheCnih Really Needs To Learn That It’s The MESHERS Who Deserve Courtesy, Not The Thieving ‘Retexturers’

It's The Meshers Who Deserve Courtesy Not The Thieving Retexturers

‘Do you have any idea who I am.’ Erm, a bumnugget? Wasn’t that difficult…

We’ve picked TheCnih’s Dimblr, but it could be any one of a hundred kiddie Dumblrers with their ideosyncratic view of what constitutes ownership – or rather willing to suspend normal notions of others’ intellectual property rights for their own benefit or according to peer group prejudices.

Read the ‘Disclaimers’ below, and cringe:

It's The Meshers Who Deserve Courtesy Not The Thieving Retexturers 1 It's The Meshers Who Deserve Courtesy Not The Thieving Retexturers 2

Okay TheCnih, we’ve something to explain to you. Sit down, eyes front, pay attention.

What the plumbobs has Momosims ‘permission’ got to do with the price of bread? All they did was ‘retexture’ NEWSEA and NIGHTCRAWLER’s hard work: like the hundreds of others feasting their egos on other’s hard work.

‘Retexturing’: that ideosyncratic Simming concept whereupon the unscrupulous steal other Simmers’ weeks of work – 99.9999% without asking their permission –  by reissuing it with trifling changes to the texture map knocked up in a few hours at best. And get away with it without the slightest censure.

Why do they do it? Well, we suppose it’s a whole lot easier than putting in the hours to learn how to do it themselves, and when you do it to hair meshers who have their items on The Sims Resource or some pay site, there is a mysterious inversion of the accepted code of conduct amongst Simmers and they rush to praise (and download) from those they’d routinely crucify had they done it to some uploader on Mod The Sims or some other blogger or Dimblr trying to make megabucks from Adfly links all over the shop.

So no, Momosims ‘retextures’ do not require his ‘permission’. If he doesn’t like anyone reuploading his bootleg hairs, he can go blow goats. He didn’t do the work – other, better Simmers did.

Of course, you could ask Newsea – the real creator – if it’s okay to host them, if you want to be fair.

But we won’t hold our breath on that one – and Newsea, Nightcrawler, etc. thankfully haven’t left in disgust at this routine practice in our pastime. Piqued creators in other gaming communities have quit sharing their hard work for less than what our hair meshers put up with. But the Simming community lost Peggyzone (aka Peggyhair) when she had enough, Rflong7/13 came within a whisker of packing in world building when those at Mod The Sims started deciding that the works or anyone who wasn’t part of the ‘groovy gang’ were legitimate targets for altering in CAW with a view to reuploading, and Misty’s invaluable mods are now sadly part of a kinder Sims 3 past where those who took time not merely to create new gaming materials to share to all were given their respective due – not treated as mugs to rip off.

After six years of this bumnuggetry going on, still everyone treats some creators as deities never to be questioned or remotely offended whilst others are treated as pariahs to be cheated and ripped off at every turn… and all purely on the grounds of what sites they’re hosting their custom content on (and whether said site’s owners were ‘kewl n stuff’ or ‘wanted for crimes against Simanity’).

So much for progress.

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