TheCnih And The Joys Of Dumblrrage

Our post last time out about our never ending complaint about the plague of so-called ‘retexturers’ who steal other Simmers hard work without permission resulted in our ever so offended point of conversation posting a snotty message through to ourselves.

thecnih digs themselves further in it

Aaaaaaand let’s stop right there at Newsea – a long time bone of contention with ourselves – because she’s been pretty damn clear about how she feels about people ‘retexturing’ her hard work:

thecnih digs themselves further in it 1

But please continue:

thecnih digs themselves further in it 2

Oh, but we did… as most Mare’s Nest readers will know, we’ve been griping about retexturerer thieves pinching Nightcrawler’s stuff for some time.

Here’s why:

thecnih digs themselves further in it 3

‘Don’t edit,modify or re-mesh my work in anyway without asking for permission first
Don’t re upload my stuff or try to get money out of my stuff (that includes adfly.)’

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

What permission does TheCnih have to show? Erm, nil. Quelle surprise!

thecnih digs themselves further in it 4

Except as we have just shown, she is.

The ‘retexturers’ can keep kidding themselves on as much as they like, but they are stealing others hard work by making little more than bootleg copies of what others spent hours slaving over to get right, and the number of times any of them have ever asked a Sims 3 mesher permission could be counted on one pair of hands these last six years.

thatsit  fryingpan

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