A Very Simple Answer To A Very Simple Bumnugget’s Question About Rflong7/13

Taken from what’s left of Sim Secret. They had a pop at Writin_Reg last week – did them zilch in improving their reading figures – so now it’s Rflong7/13’s turn it seems.

that's someone having a pop at rflong7-13 again

Maybe it’s because Rflong7/13’s ‘stupid, pointless, brainless comments all over the place’ tend ultimately to be a lot less stupid, a lot less pointless and a lot less brainless than the reams of badly spelled, non-sequitur peppered array of arsebucketry, bumnuggetry, cockbadgery, douchwaffledom, shitgibbonry and twatcandledom which permeates the EA forum like the lingering curry-and-Guinness farts in most British pubs and ‘family restaurants’ at this time of year.

Someone’s got to raise the tone against all hope or expectation it will make any sort of a difference, may as well be her – plumbob knows she’s been doing it the best part of a decade and caused plenty of the decent Simmers to stay on whereas they may have quit for other forums or – heaven forbid – other games.

Just saying…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

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